Why You Need a Professional Kindergarten Carpet Cleaning Service?

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Any parent, when sending their child to kindergarten is excited to watch him/her put the first footsteps into the world of knowledge, but moreover expect them to be in good and safe hands. As a kindergarten business, fulfilling not only the criteria of optimal care but also the best hygienic practices is your ultimate responsibility. This is because young children spend the majority of their time in these facilities, there is a huge probability of them being in close contact with germs and spreading them to different surfaces such as the carpets or the floors. It’s only natural for kids to act without caring about the repercussions of an unclean environment.

In other words, running a kindergarten requires a delicate balance. Here is where getting kindergarten carpet cleaning done becomes top priority!

In this blog, we will bring light to the “why”!

In Germany alone, a kindergarten sees the most carpets and for good reason. Lowering noise, sound insulation as well as anti-slip (preventing accidents and injuries) properties, ability to improve aesthetics, create a homely atmosphere, ease children in relaxing better and make them feel comfortable, makes carpets an important aspect for the learning environment.

Another common notion that we would like to uncover is that many individuals assume that adults and children are affected by toxic chemicals in a similar way. Although, this couldn’t be more untrue. Children have higher exposure to toxins in the environment and are more vulnerable to its effects than adults.

Kindergarten Carpets-A Safe Playground for Children?

A lot can happen in a kindergarten- from accumulation of dirt and sand from the playground, to fallen food and beverages, saliva and even urine. This doesn’t just affect the aesthetic of the carpet but also makes it a breeding ground for harmful mold growth and germs- a significant health threat for children.

You might think- why can’t I just clean it myself? Of Course acute problems like food and beverage spills should be dealt with quickly or as much as possible to avoid long-term problems but unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Dirt has the ability to penetrate deep into the fibres of the kindergarten carpets, making it almost impossible to reach it even with the most powerful vacuum cleaner. Additionally, cleaners from the drugstore contain hazardous chemicals that if inhaled can cause a health risk to children as the dirt itself.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Kindergarten: A Necessity

1. Dust mites lodged in the carpet flourish on bacteria and fungi, leading to issues such as coughing or breathing difficulties. Dirty carpets are also a significant reason for a runny nose or cough leading to absenteeism and trouble concentrating in kindergarten. They can also exaggerate symptoms of asthma in children already affected and cause symptoms in children without this health problem. This is because dirty carpets produce toxins, generally called mycotoxins, which are hazardous to indoor air quality.

2. Exposure to mold for a long period of time can cause a heightened risk of hypersensitivity pneumonia (HP) among children.

3. Dirty carpets are a breeding ground for pests such as cockroaches and even mice which bring along with them numerous germs and infections causing redness, itching and even swelling of skin.

4. Athlete’s foot and eczema are other outcomes of a dirty carpet. This is because walking barefoot on such carpets allows bacteria and fungi to come in contact with the skin of the feet through openings such as cuts or wounds.

5. Children have developing immune systems, making them more susceptible to infections and diseases. Frequent professional carpet cleaning in kindergarten helps keep these at bay.

6. We’ve all heard of Salmonella as a foodborne disease such as eating bad fish or chicken, but did you know that your carpet can also be a host of this disease? Exposure to mycotoxins present in dirty carpets can weaken the immune system and thereby lead to health problems involving the stomach.

7. Numerous researches have found a strong correlation between an unclean environment and mental health, commonly consisting of increased stress and anxiety levels. Stress is a significant reason for a weakened immune system leading to sleeping disorders such as apnea, migraine issues, as well as high blood pressure and heart disease.

In a nutshell, here are a few benefits carpet cleaning offers for kindergarten children summarised from the pointers mentioned above:

  • Eliminate trapped dust pollutants and maintain great indoor air quality.
  • Reduce respiratory problems
  • Clear out pest infestations and allergic reactions.
  • Safeguard the immune system.
  • Keep mental health in check.

Why You Should Trust Experts from My Fair Cleaning for Your Kindergarten Carpets?

Getting your kindergarten carpets cleaned from our experts comes with its fair share of amazing benefits. Not only will your carpet look brand new and be cleaned gently but also protect the children from various infections, helping you maintain the best possible hygiene standards.

Since we have experts with knowledge of different materials, advanced equipment and types of carpets, you can be rest assured that your kindergarten carpet will be as colorful and shining as it was on the day you first bought it!

You don’t just want kindergarten carpet cleaning that is superficial, but one that is also thoroughly cleaned, down to the deepest fibres. Whether it’s sand or dust particles, stubborn stains or even odours- you can trust My Fair Cleaning to do an immaculate job!

In addition, we provide an easy-to-use online booking service to book carpet cleaning according to your time and day preferences, making it convenient for you. So this time when the parents turn to you for kindergarten services, we help you deliver the most elevated levels of cleanliness without the health risks of harsh chemicals.

So the next time you are in a dilemma whether or not to get your kindergarten carpets cleaned, don’t forget to imagine the face of a young child, healthy, happy and eager to learn! We are sure you will have found your answer!

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