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We are the world’s best online platform for carpet cleaning in Germany. We strive to create a sustainable and easy-to-use platform that connects customers and carpet laundries together.

Lieferung des gereinigten Teppichs
Kayseri Stadt der Teppiche

Kayseri (Turkey): Town of Carpets

Kayseri, located in central Turkey is known for being one of the finest carpet making villages in the region. The legacy of traditional family Carpet Business (since 1468) was carry forward by Ali Görüryilmaz passionately.

verschiedene Arten von Teppichen

From Carpets to Carpet Cleaning:

Coming back to recent past, with the history & passion towards carpets, Ali began his professional career in Textile industry by the year of 1992 in Schwarzenbach an der Saale, a city in Germany.

my fair cleaning alte website

The expertise & Technology:

With over 20 years of experience & expertise in Textile industry, Ali decided to focus on carpet cleaning services and take it to next level altogether with digitization. The amazing combination of expertize & technology gave birth to a new brand called ‘Myfair Cleaning’ in 2012.

old booking engine

Introduction of online booking engine:

It was a complete new experience for Munich people as they were now be able to book their carpet cleaning by sitting at home, office or even while enjoying their coffee with friends.

my fair cleaning neue website

Uplifting overall experience:

Over the period of 8 years, Myfair Cleaning kept improving their services, platform technology. In 2020, the booking engine was revamped further to deliver specific needs. Along with the revised booking engine, entire branding, positioning was uplifted to cater premium segment of the German market.

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  • Kindergarten
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