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About my fair cleaning

my fair cleaning is the world’s first online carpet cleaning and repair platform based in Munich. Our goal is to closely connect customers and carpet laundries through the use of world-class technology and collaboration with global partners. Our platform simplifies the entire process of professional carpet cleaning, as well as the subsequent receipt of a cleaned or repaired carpet to your front door on the day of your choice at the time of your choice.

The vision of our founder – Ali Görüryilmaz – is to make the carpet cleaning and repair process as easy as booking a hotel or ordering a pizza with just a few clicks.

How it works?

You have dirty or damaged Carpet ???

Place the Order online for Carpet washing or repair

DHL or UPS picking up the Carpet from home and deliver it to Wash centres

Our Washing Partners wash or repair the carpets.

DHL or UPS deliverivg your clean carpets at your doorstep.

Catering to all the Happy Customers. Now!

Why Us?


Timely Delivery

Carpet Cleaning Experts

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Affordable Charges

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How to pack the carpets for shipping to wash centres

The two video examples explain very well how to cost-effectively package your big rugs or runners. It is important that you comply with the dimensions and weights that are available in our terms and conditions (Please refer I. Shipping). Because only then is a cost-effective and 100% climate-friendly shipping possible.

Rollover Packaging

Folded Packaging

Customer testimonials

  • Have tried the online service of my fair cleaning for my carpet cleaning and have to say everything has worked flawlessly and perfectly. Very simple order and absolutely great service in terms of processing and information sharing on the status of the individual processing stations to delivery on the desired date. Highly recommended. Happy again 👍

    Arno Biedermann

  • Why did not you do that before? It is hardly easier, faster and cheaper. Great service. Gladly again

    Raffaele Infante

  • At first, I was a bit skeptical of whether everything went as smoothly as described, but I have to say, this is really a great service. Very handy if you have neither the opportunity to bring the carpet itself for cleaning or to wait at home for the messenger. The agreed times are respected and all in all, a really practical thing!

    Petra König-Sommerer

  • All I can say is a really great and innovative service. You know that, if you really love a piece of furniture, then you would like to enjoy it for a long time. So I also decided on this carpet cleaning service via app. And everything went really great! The process, the result – I’m really excited about this new idea. That would be something for other areas 😉

    Susanne Pauline Jutta

  • My husband and I own a very nice hand knotted rug, which really needed cleaning. Since one often misses the right resources and we did not want to treat the beautiful piece the wrong way – and of course because it makes a real effort at this size – we have opted for this service. The result was really impressive but even better, everything worked out as agreed! We are really happy to have tried it and can really recommend this performance.

    Ebru Arslan

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