How you can save time and money with carpet cleaning at My Fair Cleaning

What could be nicer than a clean and cozy home? Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, most of us have been spending more time in our own four walls than ever before. And in a pleasant environment – both in the home office and for relaxation – clean carpets are indispensable. But anyone who thinks that carpet cleaning has to be time-consuming and expensive is wrong.

Find out here how you can save not only time but also money with carpet cleaning at My Fair Cleaning.

1. Easy booking without long discussions:

With us you don’t have to spend long and time-consuming phone calls. As the first carpet cleaning company in Germany with an online booking system, you can easily book and pay for our service in just a few clicks on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. We will also pick up your carpets at your front door and bring them back after cleaning. This saves you a lot of time and nerves.

2. Professionals who know every carpet:

Instead of cleaning your carpets alone, you should definitely contact the experts. Because the professionals know exactly which carpet needs which products and cleaning methods. So don’t risk cleaning your carpets with the wrong products. Because that not only costs you time and effort, it may even cost you your precious carpet. Instead, sit back and leave the rest to us.

3. Regular carpet cleaning for a longer lifespan:

Getting your carpets cleaned regularly and properly cared for will help make them last longer. In this way, you will not only enjoy your beautiful carpets for longer, but you will also save your wallet in the long term – and even the environment! Because as long as your carpet is in good shape, there is no reason it ends up in the dump and you have to get a new one.


 If you want a clean home, you should definitely not neglect carpet cleaning. Because the care and cleanliness of your carpets stands or falls the atmosphere of every room. Fortunately, cleaning doesn’t have to be an ordeal, because with professional carpet cleaning at My Fair Cleaning, carpet care is child’s play. Thanks to the easy booking, the unbeatable expertise and the practical pick-up and delivery service, you save nerves, time and money with our carpet cleaning service.

Book your carpet cleaning today!

Ali May 31, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

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