A Detailed Guide on Where to Buy Your Next Carpet Online

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Time to Go Carpet Shopping Online

Are you someone who is thinking of buying a new carpet or confused with all the innumerable options out there and can’t seem to make a decision?

In this blog, we enlist some amazing carpet brands online in Germany that will solve your dilemma of where to buy carpets or rugs.

Let’s get started!

Amazing Websites Online to Buy Carpets or Rugs

1. RugVista AB

Under the RugVista AB brand, two other brands operate, which are RugVista and CarpetVista.

RugVista was founded in 2005 and deeply focuses on delivering an easy and seamless experience when it comes to buying rugs or carpets online. You are bound to get high-quality rugs or carpets for pocket-friendly prices.

It has more than 30,000 products in its arsenal ranging from modern, traditional hand-knotted oriental to even machine weaved carpets and is a leading online rug/carpet retailer in Europe.

Carpet Vista is regarded as Europe’s leading online carpet buying store for a reason. With a plethora of handmade and hand woven carpets in their arsenal you can’t go wrong!

The options are limitless from Persian carpets for a classical and timeless appeal, traditional Persian for rustic charm, handwoven carpets with both traditional and modern flair, vintage, contemporary, shaggy and Turkish.

They also provide accessories including but not limited to stain removers, super-stop and more!

2. Teppichcentre24.de

Teppich Center 24 is known for its variety whether it’s in terms of different and unique patterns, color combinations, as well as modern and timeless designs.

All their carpets have intricate and eye-catching details that cannot be turned a blind eye to!

3. Benuta.de

With Benuta, premium is what you get! High quality materials, exceptional quality and unique designs, these carpets are sure to make any space in your home a luxurious and sophisticated wonder!

If being different is something you love, choosing Benuta for your carpet needs is your best bet!

4. Teppichscheune.de

If you are someone looking to buy a carpet online with a unique dimension for your space, teppichscheune makes this possible!

They assemble these special shapes and dimensions in-house. Your dream carpet does not have to be miles away, as personal customizations, according to your specifications are just a click away!

5. Urbanara.de

Urbanara is known for making beautiful home accessories and carpets with the most natural materials and cautious processing.

Any collection they produce is done in cooperation with their own manufacturers, which guarantees the utmost high quality.

6. Teppich.de

If unbeatable prices but no compromise on quality and safety is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with buying carpet online at Teppich.de.

Their sales are some of the best around and they offer various variations, sizes and designs, with which you can furnish your rooms to your heart’s content.

7. Kibek.de

Kibek is really passionate about carpets, whether it’s the shapes, variations, patterns and materials used. Kibek truly believes in individual preferences and taste, that is why, just like diversity of people, so is the selection of their carpets.

Whether you’re looking for modern carpets made with completely natural materials, colorful children carpets or more, they have a carpet for every taste and budget.

Kibek believes in it’s products so much that there is a 100-day return for free if you are not satisfied with the carpet you have bought online.

Furthermore, they are happy to even provide advice and consultation.


We hope the names listed above have helped you in your search for an amazing carpet for the space in your home.

At My Fair Cleaning, we believe in spreading out as much carpet knowledge to our customers so they can always make an informed decision.

Furthermore, if you have an old carpet in any of your other spaces that you want to get looking brand new, don’t forget to give it a professional cleaning!

Book a carpet cleaning with us Now!

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