A Detailed Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Wool Carpets

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Buying a wool carpet is a great investment and one to definitely be proud of. Although wool carpets are costlier than other carpet types, they do offer some exemplary perks from aesthetic appeal, durability or longevity, comfort, easy maintenance and above all can complement any home decor piece.

But don’t let the easy maintenance part fool you! It’s one thing to assume this stays at it is after you’ve bought a wool carpet but another ball game to clean them if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In our blog we give you insightful ways on cleaning and maintaining your wool carpet to keep it looking good as ever!

Let’s get started!

How Often Should Cleaning be Done with Wool Carpets?

Before you get started on using various cleaning methods on your wool carpet, you need to determine how often it should be done. This is because the frequency of cleaning your wool carpets is just as important as sometimes a high enough frequency is needed to remove the accumulation of dust in the fibres and sometimes it needs to be low enough to prevent any damage. Although, in general terms, vacuuming twice every month is the best way to begin.

The duration/frequency varies upon multiple factors:

a. Foot Traffic: The greater the number of footfalls or foot traffic, the greater the accumulation of dirt and the more the need to clean the wool carpet.

b. Location of your wool carpet: This also depends on the foot traffic as certain areas in your home receive it on a higher basis. Thus, needing frequent cleaning.

c. Presence of pets: If you are a pet owner, you would require at least 4-7 cleanings per month.

d. How cautious and diligent you are: If you are someone that walks with shoes on your wool carpet or forgets to remove their shoes while walking on it, or even experiences regular spills, frequent cleaning is a must for you!

Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Wool Carpets

Now that we know the various factors that affect the frequency of cleaning your wool carpet, we can start with the tips and tricks in order to keep them in pristine condition! When it comes to cleaning wool carpets, there are a plethora of ways as well as do’s and don’ts to follow. They are as follows:

1. Vacuuming:

One of the quickest and easiest ways to clean a wool carpet is to vacuum it gently in alternating directions. This method will ensure that dirt is removed and less damage is inflicted to the fibres.

You also need to ensure that you keep the height of the vacuum cleaner high, so that you do not agitate the fibres as this will lead to not only piling but also shrinking of your wool carpet.

A great way to ensure that your carpet remains free from dirt or debris is to vacuum it at least twice a month. This is because wool carpets require extra effort as they have tiny pockets where dirt can hide.

Make sure you do not over-vacuum as this will pull out the natural wool fibres from your carpet. Also do not forget to vacuum both the sides often.

Our experts recommend vacuuming the bottom side of the carpet once every 2 months.

2. Shaking It

If you just dislike the idea of having to vacuum your wool carpet twice a month, shaking your carpet can be another way of cleaning it. To do this, all you have to do is take your carpet outside and shake it for 30 seconds to 1 minute to remove the dirt. If you have a larger carpet, you will need a helping hand, so ask a friend or family member. If the weather is clear, then you can also leave your carpet outside for a few hours.

3. Beating- the Old Fashioned Method

There was a reason wool carpets were cleaned by beating them in olden days. This is because it loosens the dirt in the fibres without agitating and pulling them out. Of Course this was a method used before vacuum cleaners were invented, but this method still says valid as back in the day homeowners realized that there was less and less wool left on their carpets when they used beater bar vacuum cleaners.

In order to follow this method, all one has to do is use a drying rack that is sturdy and beat the wool carpet with a carpet beater or a wooden spatula or spoon. However this method can be tedious, but if you’re one that doesn’t shy away from a good workout and getting a deep clean at the same time, this method is one to go for!

4. Spot Cleaning

This requires a proactive approach when it comes to stain removal, i.e. cleaning the stain as soon as it occurs. This is because stains settle in the carpet fibres in as less as 15 minutes. Here we give you a few methods you can follow at home for each type of spill:

a. Food and Cosmetic Products Stain

  • Begin by taking 8 parts water, 1 part vinegar, and a small ounce of mild dishwashing detergent.
  • Now take white paper towels, dip it in the above solution and dab it on the stained area of the wool carpet.
  • Finally, take some dry towels and rub the wet area until it is dry.

b. Red Wine or Dark-Coloured Vegetable and Fruit Juices.

  • Start by pouring salt over the stained area. The salt absorbs the liquid similar to a sponge.
  • Next, as soon as the salt absorbs all the stain, take a rounded spoon and lift off the residue.
  • Now take cold water in a spoon or syringe and sprinkle it and finally blot the area dry.

c. Pet Based Urine or Perfume Stains

  • Begin by taking 8 parts water, 1 part vinegar, and a small ounce of mild dishwashing detergent.
  • Or you can also create an ammonia solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of household ammonia with 1 cup of water.
  • Now, dab either solution on the stained area using a white paper towel or cloth.
  • Next, rinse with cold water by sprinkling it with a spoon or syringe on the area.
  • Finally, blot the wool carpet area dry.

d. Oil- Based Spill such as Grease or even Paint

  • Use a nail polish remover on the stained area.
  • Other options are to use spot cleaning treatment such as vinegar or ammonia solution listed above under pet messes and following the same procedure.

e. Bleach and Other Harsh Chemical Stains

  • This type of stain is best not taken care of by yourself.
  • Use cold water on the stained area immediately and call a professional.

Do’s and Don’ts to Remember When Cleaning Wool Carpets

  • DO vacuum regularly – at least once a week to help your carpet look good all the time.
  • DON’T use the beater brush as this can cause wear and tear of your wool carpet
  • DON’T use hot water while cleaning wool carpets as this will cause shrinking.
  • DO attend immediately to stains and before doing any DIY, ensure you check the manufacturer instructions on the label.
  • DON’T overwet the wool carpet as this will cause wear and tear of the carpet fibres as wool is one such material that takes a long time to dry.
  • DON’T use harsh cleaning products when cleaning wool carpets as wool is a highly sensitive natural fibre.

Effectively Maintaining & Protecting Your Wool Carpets

Place Door Mats: Door mats on all doorways and entry ways can be an excellent way to prevent dirt and moisture from shoes getting on your wool carpet. Although, ensure you clean these door mats regularly.

Rearrange Furniture or Use Furniture Pads or Coasters: Rearranging will prevent your wool carpet from pressure marks. If you cannot rearrange your furniture, the use of furniture coasters will help in distributing heavy weight.

Use Carpet Protectors and Allow Wool Carpet to Completely Dry Before Placing Furniture: The carpet protectors will prevent uneven wearing and allowing your carpet to thoroughly dry will ensure discolouration does not occur.

Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight: Wool carpets like all other carpets and dyed textiles will lose colour gradually when exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals: Stay away from DIY’s that require the use of bleach and other harsh and strong chemicals. This can not only cause discolouration but also dissolve or burn your carpet fibres.

Yes, Wool Carpets Can Last if They Are Cared For!

Wool carpets surely are an amazing investment and a high-quality natural carpet, but as they say with great things comes great responsibility. Such is the case when cleaning and maintaining the mighty- wool carpets!

Regular vacuuming and the shake and beat method, are some of the easy steps to clean your wool carpets. But stains are a whole different story and when it comes to them getting professional carpet cleaning is the best bet as doing it yourself can be a recipe for disaster.

Our knowledgeable experts have just the right advanced equipment and the best methods to spot cleaning your valuable wool carpets. So don’t leave it to chance!

Book cleaning appointment for your wool carpet today!

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