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Pazyryk Teppich
Humans have used carpets for millennia. While its exact origin is still not established, it is known that it was used in ancient periods, particularly in Persian and Oriental cultures. The Pazyryk Carpet seems to be the world’s oldest known carpet, dating from the 5th century B.C. In the late 1940s, Russian archaeologist Sergei Rudenko […]

Ali April 28, 2022 Carpet

Teppichgrößen und -dimensionen
When choosing the right carpet size for your home, you may feel overwhelmed. After all, there are so many different carpet sizes and dimensions on the market! But don’t worry! This guide will help you choose the right carpet size for your home. We will discuss the different carpet dimensions and sizes and which one […]

Ali April 16, 2022 Carpet

Carpet Wrinkle and buckling occur whenever the underside of a carpet separates from the adhesive. This can result in bubbles or ripples that detract from the shape and structure of your rug. Carpet wrinkles and buckles could be a tripping hazard and obtrusive. Repairing the issue can be expensive and time-consuming. Follow a few installation […]

Ali April 10, 2022 Carpet

Identifizieren Sie billige Teppiche
Carpet shopping may be challenging. This is so because the ordinary buyer can’t identify the condition of a carpet based on looking. Several “secret” elements add to a carpet’s general quality. To fully assess the value of a carpet, most of its qualities should be recognised and adequately considered. The following are examples of elements […]

Ali March 23, 2022 Carpet

ersetzen Sie Ihren Teppich
Several factors, like the number of people living in your home, their age, and the kind of activities they engage in at home, might hasten the deterioration of your carpet. It is advised that you replace your carpet every ten years. However, we never know how long the carpet will last? So, it becomes essential […]

Ali March 21, 2022 Carpet

Geschichte der Teppiche
Carpet History (Everything Has a Beginning) Carpets are an exquisite way to lay down a beautiful foundation in any space as well as improve indoor air quality in your home as they pull out and trap air pollutants until they are removed with vacuuming and carpet cleaning. Carpets begin with an interesting history. Infact, the […]

Ali January 27, 2022 Carpet

Teppich online kaufen
Time to Go Carpet Shopping Online Are you someone who is thinking of buying a new carpet or confused with all the innumerable options out there and can’t seem to make a decision? In this blog, we enlist some amazing carpet brands online in Germany that will solve your dilemma of where to buy carpets […]

Ali January 24, 2022 Carpet

Germany's Favourite Carpet Brands
Shopping for a Carpet and Confused About Which Brands to Choose From? With so many plethora’s of options when it comes to brands for carpets out there, not only can it be a cumbersome process but also a frustrating one. But don’t fret; our blog makes this so much easier with a comprehensive list of […]

Ali January 20, 2022 Carpet

teppich arten
Carpets can instill in your home not just an aesthetic appeal but also comfort, durability of flooring, versatility due to the numerous patterns, colours and materials they come in and can also act as a sound absorber. A great carpet can easily revitalize and bring back the charm of any room. Although, buying the perfect […]

Ali October 26, 2021 Carpet