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At My Fair Cleaning, we want to create a successful and mutually beneficial relationship between customers and carpet laundries. We are currently the world’s first online carpet cleaning platform, based in Munich.

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Carpet Cleaning

  • Cleaning Oriental and Persian carpets
  • Cleaning wool rugs
  • Clean oriental carpets containing silk
  • Cleaning antique carpets
  • Fixed Floor Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Oriental and Persian carpets

Regular carpet cleaning is recommended so that you can enjoy your carpets longer and live in a healthy home. Your health is the focus of our corporate philosophy. Whether at home or at work, the cleanliness of your carpets is a top priority.

Your carpet needs this if...

  • The carpet is dirty & full of dust!
  • More than 3-4 months the carpets are not washed!
  • You have plenty of regular visitors
  • Carpet care is ignored for a long time!

Key cleaning techniques

  • Knocked, dedusted
  • Washed with curd soap,
  • Dried, dust vacuumed
16,90 €/qm
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Cleaning wool rugs

Pet’s are great and are like family to us. However it is equally challenging to keep the carpets clean with having fur babies at home. The odour, stains & hair fall all over the carpet is unhealthy & may cause health issues.

Your carpet needs this if...

  • Your pet is laying on the carpet as his bed!
  • Your fur babies are under attack by Fleas & Ticks!
  • Some portion of your home smells like pet urine! (Tip: Check the carpet first)

Key cleaning techniques

  • Urine Treatment In the urine treatment process, we bio clean and treat your carpet, especially against urine odour. Do note, that disinfection is completely different and will not eliminate the odour, only kill any germs due to the urine.
  • Impragneriung
18,90 €/qm
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Clean oriental carpets containing silk

From pizza slices to shrimp scampi, those finger foods can be a little slippery. After throwing an amazing party for your loved ones, it is usually cumbersome to clear the mess!

Your carpet needs this if...

  • Wine & Food stains are ruining your carpet’s look.
  • Collected shoe bottoms covered in snow, mud and the salt.
  • You ignored the stains and kept enjoying the party.

Key cleaning techniques

  • Knocked, dedusted,
  • Pre-treated stains,
  • Washed with curd soap,
  • Dried, dust vacuumed +
  • Impregnation Surface treatment is a dirt repellent coating for synthetic rugs, similar to shoe sprays. The treatment works by quickly penetrating the liquid, and thereby facilitates easier stain removal.
20,90 €/qm
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Cleaning antique carpets

Are you from a sandwich generation who needs to take care of the kids & older people in the house? These two generations are likely to get more affected with virus & bacterial infections.

Your carpet needs this if...

  • All the safety hygiene guidelines are being followed up other than carpet cleaning.
  • Any of the family members are allergic to dust, dirt or going through some infection.
  • A new born baby is there in the house!

Key cleaning techniques

  • Moth Treatment Our Moth protection treatment is only for Protection against moths (limited to about 6 months). This is useful in elimination of moths and larvae of one infested carpet. In this treatment, your carpets will be in cold rooms of the moths freed. Thus, eliminating moths.
  • Disinfection Our disinfection treatment is an antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment that helps fight and gets rid of any bacteria, mold, germs, mites and fungi that may reside in your carpets. Keep your home clean and loved ones healthy with your treatment.
23,90 €/qm
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Fixed Floor Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

  • Annual
  • Kindergarten
  • Old age home
Jährliche Pflegereinigung


Like with every servicing, the vehicle performs better likewise annual carpet cleaning helps increase carpet’s durability and makes it easier to maintain.

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Teppichreinigung für Kindergärten


When it comes to kids the accidents are inevitable and so are the stains. Keeping kindergartens and child care centres clean can be a tough task. Make an inquiry with us today!

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Old age home

When it comes to old age homes, health & hygiene becomes the most important factors to be taken care of. Cleaned carpets help improve the indoor air quality too. Let us together help them live a better life :)

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Packing & Shipping services

We have tie-up with DHL for pickup and delivery of your carpets. Based on the size of package of your carpets shipping cost vary from 5,99 Eur to 27 Eur. To have the optimum shipping cost, please follow the video ‘How to pack’ your carpets.

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Our Process

Your carpets are basically washed in modern carpet washing facilities. In the rarest cases, such as antique silk carpets, other valuable hand-knotted rugs, or too small ones, are washed by hand. The carpets are insured during the entire time, from the collection to the return delivery, by our shipping partner DHL regarding the transport and the side of the washing center, during the cleaning against loss and damage.

The work process is as follows:
  • Before washing, Your carpets come in a carpet beating machine. There they are freed from the dust. For too dusty carpets please “double knock” book.
    • Subsequently, in the case of carpets, if “Intensive carpet wash” was booked, a special stain treatment, carried out by hand before the main wash, through the machine.
    • Otherwise, the carpets are introduced into the carpet washing line immediately after being knocked.
  • After washing, the carpets are removed in a carpet dryer, in about 30 seconds, up to 90% of the water.
    • Then they are hung up in a drying room, at about + 40 degrees to dry.
    • This usually takes 14 hours, Berber carpets or similar. It can take up to 3 days.
  • After drying, the carpets are vacuumed, the quality checked and made ready to ship.
Staub vom Teppich entfernen
teppich waschen
teppich waschen
Teppich trocknen und saugen

Carpet Repair

Damage to the fringes is normal signs of wear. However, acting too late can cause enormous damage to your carpet. A fringe renewal or repair is pretty easy. However, the costs vary. Depending on the type of carpet, this can vary between € 40 and € 800. The repair of a Turkish or Iranian hand-knotted wool rug is quite cheap. The average cost is 80 € per meter. With a silk carpet, it can cost three times as much and more.

Signs of wear on the long sides of the rug should be repaired as quickly as walking through the rug will increase the damage. Thus, the cost of a repair unnecessarily increased.

Holes in the inside of the carpet should also be fixed quickly to prevent them from being enlarged. For this, our service providers use original materials to reconnect the holes.

The repair of your carpets is very important for the preservation of value. As, for example, oriental rugs can gain in value over time.


Got any queries?

Frequently asked questions

It is world’s first online platform which uses technology to connect the customers having dirty carpets with Washing centres specialized in washing carpets.

Whenever our customer wish to have the dirty carpets washed by professionals then on our platform in just few clicks they can place the order 24*7. Online payment provision makes the whole ordering process quick and simple.

DHL (Who is our logistics partner) makes the movement of Carpets from customer address to our Washing centre’s address and back very professional and environment friendly.Our platforms brings win-win scenario for our customers and washing centres both in following ways.

Benefits for customers:-
A.Ne need to search for nearby washing centres.
B.No need to worry about the service quality of washing centres.
C.No need to make phone calls to place order and then wait for Pickups based on washing centres convenience.

Benefits for Washing centres:-
A.No need to search for new customers.
B.No need to worry about logistics (Including vehicle & drivers for pickup and drop of Carpets).
C.More eco-friendly.

We have two step process to place the order. Which starts with first clicking on the button ‘Teppichreinigung buchen’ on our home page ora button on top of the page ‘Reinigen Sie Ihren Teppich jetzt’.First step:- Fill the carpets details and then how are you going to package your carpet so that we can arrange shipment from DHL.Second step:- Fill the personal details (required by us to process the order and Invoice) and then select the online payment method.

Information filled in this section first help us to estimate the cost of shipment and then accordingly we arrange DHL pickup service based onhow many package and what shape of packaging for your carpets.

Let say you have 3 Carpets and you pack in one Carton then you need to pay price for only 1 shipment (Here, please select ‘Wählen Sie Paketmaterial’ as Karton and below select 1 ). Same thing applies for Rolle also. Please refer our videos to learn how to effectively package the carpets.

You have many channels to approach us and can select any based on your convenience.

B.Our phone number 0800-380-3838
C.Go to our contact section of website.
D.Write an email to us on our email id contact@myfair.cleaning

We will contact you back in next hours.

Approximately It takes 7 to 10 days to get your Carpets back.

Drop us message and we’ll get back to you.