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A carpet adds a lovely aesthetic touch to your home, but with carpeting comes the risk of staining. An important facet one should know is how to remove old stains from carpet. Whether it’s a home with pets, children or without them, at some point it is prone to at least one spill or smudge. […]

Ali October 13, 2021 Carpet Stains

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The holiday season is near, and that means planning parties, and trying to keep up with day-to-day life activities and wrap them up quickly to truly make some amazing memories. We all love hosting parties for our loved ones or sipping on a glass of red wine to unravel after a long day. However, all […]

Ali September 22, 2021 Carpet Stains

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Carpet Stains: Everything You Need to Know! Stains in a carpet are inevitable. They are bound to happen no matter how many times you constantly remind your family and guests that the shoes should be left at the door, the dirty plates should be kept in the kitchen and to use coasters when having any […]

Ali September 20, 2021 Carpet Stains

Let’s face it, having dogs isn’t all fun and games. It’s a responsibility, especially having to safeguard the carpet when stinking mishaps such as urine stains and poop occur. But what do you do after this happens? In this blog, we are going to give you countless tips on how to clean them. Keep reading! […]

Ali March 30, 2021 Carpet Stains

Urine stains can lead to permanent damage on the carpet if not taken care of. This is because the longer the pet urine stays on the carpet, the more embedded it gets into the fibres, worsening the stain and giving off a nasty odor that won’t go away. Although, its best to fix it immediately, […]

Ali March 9, 2021 Carpet Stains