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Buying a wool carpet is a great investment and one to definitely be proud of. Although wool carpets are costlier than other carpet types, they do offer some exemplary perks from aesthetic appeal, durability or longevity, comfort, easy maintenance and above all can complement any home decor piece. But don’t let the easy maintenance part […]

Ali December 14, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

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Shaving foam- Used for Carpet Cleaning? Shaving foam, we know how revolutionary it is. But would you believe that individuals use it for other than hair removal, but also carpet cleaning. In this blog, we tell you why this canned concoction can come with a cost many are unaware of when it comes to carpet […]

Ali December 10, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

Outdoor Carpet Cleaning: A Necessity More often than not, every individual remembers to wash and clean the indoor carpets, but neglects the outdoor carpet. Over time, this outdoor carpet accumulates dust, dirt, debris, bacteria and even mold and mildew, which makes it look not so inviting. Remember, the outside of your home should be given […]

Ali December 3, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

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A carpet and upholstery that is as lush as it sounds is Velour. Adding not only comfort but also visual appeal to your home, that cannot be appreciated enough. We saw in our previous blog that there are different types of carpets that have unique properties that make cleaning them a multi-way approach. In this […]

Ali November 30, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

The stunning and royal look of silk cannot be overlooked. It is one of the most expensive natural fibers that is made by silkworms. If you want to make any area in your home look lavish and sophisticated, you cannot go wrong with a silk carpet. However just like all natural fibres, silk too is […]

Ali November 29, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

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Confused Whether to Choose DIY or Professional Carpet Cleaning? If you are someone that has carpeting through your home, you know how crucial it is to get it deep-cleaned at least once in six months to not only keep it looking it’s best but also eliminate any grime, dirt, and debris from the carpet to […]

Ali November 28, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

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As a homeowner you care about how your carpet looks, feels as well as its durability. Maintaining your carpet regularly is key to extending its life but in order to be an informed consumer and get the best bang for your buck, you’re also curious about how a professional carpet cleaning company estimates the price […]

Ali November 27, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

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First things first, if you’re reading this blog post then you’re thinking of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, but are not quite sure yet as you aren’t aware of whether its a good idea. Fret not, our blog will convince you why it’s a good Idea to hire a professional carpet cleaning service effective […]

Ali November 25, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

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Own a Berber carpet? Trust us you’re in for a task in order to clean it efficiently and safely. But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. In our blog, we answer A to Z all the questions you may have when cleaning a Berber Carpet. What is a Berber Carpet? How can I […]

Ali November 20, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

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Orient Carpet- Treat Them With the Dignity They Deserve! At My Fair Cleaning, we are dedicated and completely understand how your orient carpets made with delicate fabrics are an important investment that you want to make sure last for years to come and we help you achieve that by ensuring proper care and attention while […]

Ali November 19, 2021 Carpet Cleaning